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Hull Cleaning Services

Cavitation Cleanings

For heavily fouled vessels or docks Growth can be removed with ease by cavitation cleaning. The Caviblaster machine shoots imploding bubbles at 2,000 PSI, removing any type of growth with ease. 

Zinc Replacement

Replacing Zincs on the Propeller shaft, Rudder, trim tabs, and Master Zincs. 

Hull Cleanings

Hull cleaning services offered monthly or on a one-time basis. Size does not matter, whether your boat is 12 feet or 80 feet we will service your vessel. We offer very competitive rates for large boats with heavy fouling as our cavitation equipment can clean these vessels with ease.


Hull Inspections

Providing hull, running gear, and thru hull inspections with free photography-video services. Photos emailed within 4 hours of under water inspections. 

anclote diving gulf harbors keel.JPG

Propeller Removal and Installation

If your propeller is in need of repair or replacement we can remove and re-install your propellers. 

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